Philippos 1

Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire
FloruitM/L VII
Dates681 (taq) / 681 (tpq)
PmbZ No.6153
Variant NamesPhilippus
Opsikion (officeplace)
TitlesCommander of the basilikon opsikion (office)
Textual SourcesConstantinople, Third Council of (Sixth Ecumenical Council), ed. R. Riedinger, Concilium Universale Constantinopolitanum Tertium, ACO II.2. 1 (Berlin, 1990-1992); also cited from Mansi XI passim (conciliar)

Philippos 1 was the Commander (στρατηλάτης, ? = komes) of the basilikon Opsikion; he owned a copy of the Acts of the Fifth Ecumenical Council which he gave to the bishop of Seleukeia in Isauria, Makrobios 1; he had earlier loaned it to Stephanos 17, disciple of Makarios 1: Riedinger, II 2. 648, lines 7-8 (= Mansi XI 592) (δοθέν μοι ἀπό τινος Φιλίππου στρατηλάτου τοῦ βασιλικοῦ ὀψικίου; the old Latin version printed in Riedinger, II 2. 649, lines 7-8 (= Mansi XI 591) reads: "a quodam Philippo magistro militum imperialis obsequii"). According to statements from a monk, Georgios 34, the book was owned by Philippos 1, the commander of the basilikon Opsikion (Φιλίππου τοῦ στρατηλάτου τοῦ βασιλικοῦ ὀψικίου); Philippos 1 was a neighbour of the father of the monk Stephanos 17 (disciple of Makarios 1, patriarch of Antioch); he showed the book, which he had brought back with him from the West (ἐλθὼν ἀπὸ τῆς δύσεως ἤγαγον βιβλίον τῆς πέμπτης συνόδου), to Stephanos 17 and asked him to check if it was complete and, if anything was missing, to have it added; the libelli of pope Vigilius were not there and so at Stephanos 17's request Georgios 34 made a copy of them and they were then added to the codex: Riedinger, II 2. 650 (= Mansi XI 593). Philippos 1 had perhaps seen military service in the West, although this is not certain; if so, it may have been with the emperor Constans II (Konstans 1) in 668.

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