Moropaulos 1

Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire
FloruitE VIII
Dates704 (taq) / 704 (tpq)
PmbZ No.5168
LocationsCherson (Tauric Chersonese) (residence);
Cherson (Tauric Chersonese);
Textual SourcesNicephorus, Breviarium Historiae, ed. C. Mango, Nikephoros, Patriarch of Constantinople: Short History; prev. ed. C. de Boor Nicephori ArchiepiscopiConstantinopolitani Opuscula Historica Leipzig 1880 (history);
Theophanes Confessor, Chronographia, ed. C. de Boor, 2 vols. (Leipzig, 1883-85, repr. Hildesheim/NewYork, 1980); tr. and comm. C. Mango and R. Scott, The Chronicle of Theophanes Confessor, Oxford 1997 (chronicle)

Moropaulos 1 lived at Cherson and was one of the people who accompanied the exiled emperor Justinian II (Ioustinianos 1) in 704 when Justinian went to the Bulgars for help in regaining his throne: Theoph. AM 6196, cf. Nic. Brev. de Boor 41, Mango 42. See Barasbakourios 1.

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