Eudokia 8

Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire
FloruitL VII
PmbZ No.1624
LocationsHoly Apostles (Church of the, Constantinople) (burialplace);
Constantinople (residence)
Textual SourcesConstantine Porphyrogenitus, De Ceremoniis Aulae Byzantinae Libri II, ed. J. J. Reiske, CSHB (Bonn, 1829); also ed. (in part) A. Vogt (Paris, 1935, repr. 1967) (history)

Eudokia 8 was the wife of the emperor Justinian II (Ioustinianos 1) and was buried at Constantinople in the Mausoleum of Justinian at the Church of the Holy Apostles: Const. Porph., De Cer. II 42 (Reiske, 644). See the apparatus criticus of Reiske's edition for her identification, and cf. Downey, "Tombs", pp. 30 and 35, and Grierson, "Tombs and Obits", p. 32, note 117 and p. 51. She was presumably the mother of Justinian's daughter mentioned in 704 (Anonyma 15) and had probably died before the emperor was overthrown in 695.

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