Anonymus 432

Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire
FloruitE VIII
Dates712 (taq) / 713 (tpq)
LocationsThessalonike (officeplace);
TitlesGenikos kommerkiarios of the apotheke, Thessalonike (office)
Seal SourcesZacos, G. and Veglery, A., Byzantine Lead Seals, vol. I (in 3 parts) (Basel, 1972).

Anonymus 432 was a genikos kommerkiarios of the apotheke of Thessalonike; owner of a seal dateable to 712 or early 713 (before the fall of Philippikos 1 in early June): Zacos and Veglery 210. Obv.: image of Philippikos 1, bearded, standing, with remains of a circular inscription reading δ.... .. ...υ...ου, and the indiction number ια'. Rev.: ... - .υ κομ - μερκια - ριου απο. - ηκης Θε. - .αλο.... His name is lost, but his title reads [γενικο]ῦ κομμερκιαρίου ἀποθήκης Θε[σσ]αλο[νίκησ].

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