Zacharias 2

Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire
FloruitM/L VII
Dates678 (taq) / 692 (tpq)
Leontopolis (Isauria) (officeplace);
Leontopolis (Isauria)
TitlesBishop, Leontoplis (Isauria) (office);
Bishop, Leontopolis (Isauria) (office)
Textual SourcesConstantinople, Third Council of (Sixth Ecumenical Council), ed. R. Riedinger, Concilium Universale Constantinopolitanum Tertium, ACO II.2. 1 (Berlin, 1990-1992); also cited from Mansi XI passim (conciliar);
Trullo, (Quinisext) Council in, List of bishops, ed. H. Ohme, Das Concilium Quinisextum und seine Bischofsliste: Studien zum Konstantinopeler Konzil von 692, (Berlin, 1990), pp. 145-170; Mansi XI (conciliar)

Zacharias 2 was bishop of Leontopolis in Isauria from 678 to 692. In 678 he, with the bishop of Adrasos, Georgios 35, and the deacon Tiberios 7, were sent to Constantinople by the archbishop of Antioch, Makarios 1, to see the patriarch; the fact was attested in a report by them, dated 22 September, indiction seven (678), which was produced at the twelfth session of the Third Council of Constantinople on 22 March 681: Riedinger, p. 526 (= Mansi XI 524) (Ζαχαρίας ἐπίσκοπος Κλαυδιουπόλεως). In 681 he attended the Third Council of Constantinople (the Sixth Ecumenical Council) and was present at the last eight sessions (sessions eleven to eighteen, from 20 March to 16 September): Riedinger, pp. 404-825 (= Mansi XI 457-673). In the subscriptions to the statement of the Faith, which condemned monotheletism, and to the Council, he is styled Ζαχαρίας ἐλέει Θεοῦ ἐπίσκοπος τῆς Λεοντουπολιτῶν πόλεως τῆς Ἰσαύρων χώρας: Riedinger, p. 784, line 24, p. 825, line 1, cf. p. 893, line 24 (= Mansi XI 645, 673, cf. 693). In the lists of those attending each session he is styled Ζαχαρίου ἐπισκόπου Λεοντοπόλεως Ἰσαυρίας: Riedinger, p. 404, line 13, p. 518, line 4, etc. (= Mansi XI 457, 520, etc.). He was among the signatories to the copy of the definition of the Faith sent to the bishop of Rome, Agatho 1: Riedinger, p. 893, line 24 (= Mansi XI 693). His name occurs in the list of bishops printed in Riedinger, p. 736, line 11 (= Mansi XI 696). Still bishop of Leontopolis in 692, when he attended the Quinisext Council and signed the canons: Ohme, Bischofsliste, p. 150, no. 42 (= Mansi XI 992) (Ζαχαρίας ἐλέῳ θεοῦ ἐπίσκοπος Λεοντοπόλεως Ἰσαυρίας).

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