Theodosios 1

Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire
FloruitM VII
Dates654 (taq) / 660 (ob.)
Variant NamesT'wdwsy
Textual SourcesBar Hebraeus, Chronographia, tr. E. A. W. Budge, The Chronography of Abu 'l-Faraj (London, 1932; repr. Amsterdam, 1976) (history);
Chronicon Anonymi ad annum 1234 pertinens, ed. and tr. J.-B. Chabot, I = CSCO 81-82 (Paris, 1916-20), II = CSCO 109 (Louvain, 1937) (chronicle);
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Zonaras = Ioannis Zonarae Epitome Historiarum, libri XIII-XVIII, ed. Th. Büttner-Wobst, (Bonn, 1897) (history)

Theodosios 1 was the brother of the emperor Constans II (Konstans 1): Theoph. AM 6151 (Κώνστας Θεοδόσιον, τὸν ἴδιον ἀδελφόν), Theoph. AM 6160 (Θεοδοσίου, τοῦ ἀδελφοῦ), Chron. 1234, ¤134 (p. 274), Zon. XIV 19. 28.

In 654 Theodosios 1 and Constans II (Konstans 1) were in command of the Roman fleet which fought a sea battle against the Arabs under Abu -'l-`Awar (Abulathar 1) off the coast of Lycia and was heavily defeated: Chron. 1234, ¤134 (pp. 274-275).

In 659/660 he was murdered by his brother: Theoph. AM 6151, AM 6160, Zon. XIV 19. 28. In AH 39 (May 659/May 660) = 970 Sel. (658/659) Theodoros (sic), the brother of the emperor Konstans 1, was killed because the emperor suspected him of aiming at the throne: Elias, Chron., pp. 140, 20-141, 1 = p. 68. In the year 970 Sel. (658/659) Theodosios 1, brother of the emperor Constans (Konstans 1), was killed by the emperor, unjustly, it was believed, and the populace demonstrated against the emperor: Chron. Maron., pp. 70, 24-71, 3 = p. 55; Bar Hebr., p. 99 (undated).

Theodosios 1 was the brother of the emperor Konstans 1; he escaped with his brother from a naval defeat suffered by the Romans in Phoenicia in AH 37 (June 657/June 658): Bar Hebr., pp. 98-99.

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