Theodoros 127

Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire
TitlesPatrikios (dignity)
Seal SourcesSeibt, W., Die byzantinischen Bleisiegel in Österreich. I. Teil, Kaiserhof (Vienna, 1978);
Zacos, G. and Veglery, A., Byzantine Lead Seals, vol. I (in 3 parts) (Basel, 1972).

Theodoros 127 was a patrikios; owner of two identical seals dateable to the late seventh or early eighth century: Seibt, Bleisiegel I, no. 134, and Zacos and Veglery 704. Obv.: eagle with a cruciform invocative monogram of Θεοτόκε βοήθει. Rev.: + - Θεοδ - ωρω π[α] - τρικίῳ - +. Possibly identical with Theodoros 6.

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