Eirene 11

Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire
FloruitE VIII
PmbZ No.236A
LocationsHoly Apostles (Church of the, Constantinople);
Holy Apostles (Church of the, Constantinople) (burialplace);
Constantinople (residence)
TitlesAugusta (dignity)
Textual SourcesConstantine Porphyrogenitus, De Ceremoniis Aulae Byzantinae Libri II, ed. J. J. Reiske, CSHB (Bonn, 1829); also ed. (in part) A. Vogt (Paris, 1935, repr. 1967) (history);
Origo Civitatum Italiae seu Venetiarum (Chronicon Altinate et Chronicon Gradense), ed. R. Cessi, Fonti per la storia d'Italia 73 (Rome, 1933) (chronicle)

Wife of the emperor Anastasius (Anastasios 6), Eirene 11 was Augusta; some time after his overthrow and death she brought his body for an imperial burial in the Church of the Holy Apostles, in the mausoleum of Justinian: Orig. Civ. Ital., p. 109 ("post tempus modicum allatum est corpus eius ab Chirini (sic) Augusta et sepultum est imperialiter"). She herself was later buried in the same place as her husband, the emperor Anastasios 6: Const. Porph., De Cer. II 42 (Reiske 644-645). Her husband was overthrown in 715 and executed in 718. See Grierson, "Tombs and Obits", p. 52.

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