Anonymus 179

Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire
FloruitE VIII
Dates718 (taq) / 718 (ob.)
LocationsKynegion (Constantinople) (deathplace);
Thessalonike (officeplace);
Herakleia (Thrace);
TitlesArchbishop, Thessalonike (office)
Textual SourcesNicephorus, Breviarium Historiae, ed. C. Mango, Nikephoros, Patriarch of Constantinople: Short History; prev. ed. C. de Boor Nicephori ArchiepiscopiConstantinopolitani Opuscula Historica Leipzig 1880 (history);
Theophanes Confessor, Chronographia, ed. C. de Boor, 2 vols. (Leipzig, 1883-85, repr. Hildesheim/NewYork, 1980); tr. and comm. C. Mango and R. Scott, The Chronicle of Theophanes Confessor, Oxford 1997 (chronicle);
Zonaras = Ioannis Zonarae Epitome Historiarum, libri XIII-XVIII, ed. Th. Büttner-Wobst, (Bonn, 1897) (history)

Anonymus 179 was archbishop of Thessalonike; in 718 he joined Artemios (Anastasios 6) when the latter attempted to regain the imperial throne; he accompanied Artemios (Anastasios 6) as far as Herakleia, and then was handed over to the emperor Leo III (Leo 3) with the other conspirators by the Bulgars; they were taken to Constantinople where Anonymus 179 and Artemios (Anastasios 6) were beheaded in the Kynegion and their heads paraded through the hippodrome: Nic. Brev. de Boor 56, Mango 57, Theoph. AM 6211, Zon. XV 2.19 (ὁ τῆς Θεσσαλονίκης ἀρχιερεύς).

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