PBE Identity Names

Each individual in PBE I is identified by a identity name, consisting of the first name of the individual and a sequence number. The names are given in the Greek form of the sources - using 'k' and 'os' endings (so 'Konstantinos' for 'Constantine', 'Eirene' for 'Irene' and 'Ioannes' for 'John'), but it is not a strict transliteration (both 'epsilon' and 'eta' are rendered as 'e'; 'omicron' and 'omega' as 'o'). The numbers may occasionally coincide with familiar imperial numbers (the emperor Leo III is Leo 3), but the PBE number-sequence simply denotes the order in which individual records were added to the database (the emperor Constantine VI is Konstantinos 8 for example) and has no other significance. A particular person is found by looking in one of the indexes for persons of that name; if it is a very popular name - Ioannes for example - then combine search criteria (see Complex Searches below) to reduce the instances found. Nameless people are recorded as e.g. 'Anonymus 23' when male, 'Anonyma 3' when female.

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