This help system is intended to provide a basic level of support sufficient to enable you to get the best out of this PBE website.  In addition to the documentation directly accessible through this page, you will find the help button - which looks like this - helptr.gif (317 bytes) - used throughout the collection.  Depending upon the page you are looking at (that is, the function of PBE you are using), clicking this button will take you to context-sensitive help, which will usually provide you with information specific to the search you are attempting. 

Please note: the help system employed throughout the PBE website assumes that the user possesses a basic level of familiarity with certain aspects of computing, in particular the conventions used in web pages.  If you are unsure about the terminology employed ('pointing and clicking'; 'scrolling'; etc), it is strongly suggested that you refer to the documentation that was supplied with your computer, and its accompanying software. An introduction to the website, which explains the user interface employed by PBE, has been provided and this describes the appearance and function of the items you see on the home page, and describes how you can use them.  It is hoped that this will be sufficient to get those who are less technically able started.   Additionally, you may find that the online help provided by your browser provides you with useful information.  This can be accessed from the Help menu of your browser.